Monday, 27 January 2014

Sparkly Queen St. Mitts

Pattern: Queen St. Mitts by Glenna C.
Yarn: TFA Cosmic Blue Label Fingering Weight Yarn in Lucky Penny.
Ravelry project page here

Sparkly fingerless mitts in one of my favourite colourways... need I say more? This project was a fairly quick knit, however I fell victim to "second mitt syndrome" which slowed things down a bit. I've had these off the needles and in rotation since November, but then I fell victim to another knitting problem "failure to photograph syndrome". No idea what took me so long to haul out the camera and get Chris to take photos of me awkwardly positioning my hands on my knees... it didn't take more than a minute to do and now I've got a lovely FO to share! 

These mitts are really just that, super lovely. The pattern has bobbles and cables and a really neat reverse stockinette stitch gusset that I love. I'm thinking that fingerless mitts should be the new sock. You've got that thumb gusset instead of the heel gusset and once that's done it's just a simple tube really, much faster than socks and just as portable. A great vehicle for fun bobbles, cables and lace. I need more fingerless mitts in my life.  


  1. oh wow, those mitts are stunning!! the cables and bobbles and the little glint of sparkle... perfection.

  2. Great colourway! I love the bobbles hiding in there, but its that neat and tidy thumb gusset that gets me :)

  3. I really like this pattern. Might be a suggestion for some of my 'sparkly' yarn. But I must knit those Orchid socks first!

  4. Yeeeessss, in cosmic blue they are magical. Unfortunately my pair in seabreeze are ready to be handed over to sister in law....why I came up with that idea I just don't know. KR /Mica

  5. Wow these are stunning. I have some serious stash busting to do this year so while I wish I could use this colorway too this pattern will do wonders for my stash.

  6. Those are lovely and I happen to have a skein of that sparkly - Lucky Penny..that will be next on the needles after I finish my Orchid socks - almost finished the first one..only took a couple of days. Thanks for the idea on the fingerless..

  7. Those bobbles up the front are so cute. Love the sparkles and of course, the colorway is gorgeous!


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