Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pretty corners

In yesterday's blog post I confessed to really not loving the look of my work space. But I should have added that when you look closely, there is always something beautiful to rest your eye upon. It's really just the big picture of chaos that I find a little less inspiring. 


  1. such pretty eye candy! love your office space...looks bright and big.. but change is a good thing to - gives you much inspiration!

  2. oooh, gorgeous yarn!! You should totally make some computer wallpapers to download out of these, who wouldn't want to see all that prettiness every time they boot up their computer?!

  3. I am sure you will transform your space into something you are happy with.
    Julie's comment is true. And then it made me think of the other kind of wallpaper. And then I thought of Taylor Swift's music video with the knitting wallpaper. And then I was back to thinking about your studio. :)
    (If you don't know the wallpaper I mean, I've just checked and it is in the video for 'We are never ever getting back together'.)


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